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Calculating next recurrence date

In order to calculate next recurrence date for a certain item, enter the following expression: Date format: @prefix cmw: <>. @prefix str: <>. @prefix schedule: <>. {   ?item cmw:schedule ?scheduleId.   ?schedule … Read More

Conditions for transitions based on limits

Comindware Tracker provides the ability to configure conditional transitions. In particular, it may be useful in the approval processes to determine whether the approval by a specific employee is needed or not. Usually, approval limits for the required set of employees / roles are set up in some other technical application, and the conditions for t … Read More

Configuring Okta authentication

Contents Registering and configuring an application in Okta Registering an application in Okta User accounts in Okta Configuring Okta authentication in Comindware Tracker General settings Configuring user accounts to use Okta authentication in Comindware Tracker   Before you start config … Read More

Converting discussion into text

In order to convert all the comments in the discussions tab of an item to a separate text field (for instance, to use for export), enter the following expression:   @prefix cmw: <>. @prefix comment: <>. @prefix sort: < … Read More

Converting attachments into text

In order to convert attachments into text attribute (for example, to get the list of names of these attachments, or to have clickable links to them), enter the following expression: Attachments from current item only (subtasks attachments not included): Link: @prefix cmw: <>. @prefix xsd: <http://www.w3.o … Read More

Capturing comments from triggers

In order to capture comment text to pre-populate certain field or to use in an email use trigger of type “On comment addition” and enter the following expression in the necessary activity:  $$contextComment->cmw.comment.value … Read More

Configuring the display of the "Date / Time" attribute

In order to customize the display of the date in a certain format (in this example it is “«1» March 2021"), enter the following expression: FORMAT("«{0}» {1} {2}", LIST( DAY($date), IF ( (MONTH($date) == 1), "January", IF ( (MONTH($date) == 2), "February", IF ( (MONTH($date) == 3), "March", IF ( (MONTH($date) == 4) … Read More

Configuring Approval by E-mail

Approval process often includes a number of top-level employees (CEO, CFO, etc.) who may not be active users of the system. In this case, it would be convenient to send such users an e-mail, in which they could both view the details of the request (busines trip notice, invoice, etc.), and make their decision by clicking on a button, without having … Read More

Comindware Data Security in Cloud

Physical Security: The cloud version of Comindware Tracker is hosted in an Amazon EC2 - based environment and thus leverages the Amazon’s measures, procedures and policies when it comes to the physical security of the datacenters and computers the data is hosted on. Put simply, we are using the best, most secure and properly managed physical … Read More

Configuring Azure AD authentication

Contents Registering and configuring an application in Microsoft Azure Active Directory Registering an application in Microsoft Azure Active Directory Configuring a registered application in Microsoft Azure Active Directory User accounts in Microsoft Azure Active Directory Configuring Microsoft Azure Active Directory authentication in Comin … Read More

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