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Basic Concepts

Tasks and Documents

Tasks Tasks are pieces of work that need to get done. They are parts of a project, or components of a day. They can exist on their own or they can be part of a larger picture with subtasks or workflows. You can assign them to yourself or to members of your team, and with Comindware Tracker, you can track their status automatically. Workflow Items S... Read More

Workspaces, Applications

Workspaces A workspace is a team or a project. For example, you might have department-specific Workspaces, such as «IT» and «Administration». You could also have a project-specific Workspace that would include people from several departments, such as «Sales Kick-Off» or «Building Construction». Applications These Workspaces contain Applications. A... Read More


Comindware Tracker has a fully customizable reporting function that lets you sort, filter, change views, add widgets, and essentially go crazy with real-time visibility and insight. And only Comindware lets you run all of your projects and departments on a single system, so you can keep all of your organization’s data together in one place if... Read More


We’ve defined each term so that you’ll achieve success sooner with Comindware Tracker. To put it all together: 1. Create a Workspace and a workflow app in the workspace. 2. Define a Workflow Scheme and specify who gets a Task at each stage. 3. Then design how the workflow task will look when your team members fill out.   We have many re... Read More