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Backing up the Comindware Database

About Backing up the Database

For your data safety, there is a point in regularly backing up your database. Choose a way depending on your license type: Cloud: In your account at  On-premise: On the server with Comindware Tracker installed (start with Setting a Backup Location). Who can back up the Comindware database Comindware administrators... Read More

Setting a Backup Location

Backups are stored in a backup location. The default path is «C:\ProgramData\Comindware\Database\Backup\». You can change the backup location to another local or network folder. To set a backup location: 1. Go to «Administration» > «Backup Management». 2. Clicking the «Set Location» button in the Ribbon. 3. Specifying a new p... Read More

Creating a Backup

A backup is a copy of your Comindware database folder. The database folder includes your database files and attachments from tasks and items. Creating backups is necessary to prevent data loss in case of hardware crash or error, or to migrate database files to different hardware. To create a backup: 1. Go to «Administration» > «Backup Management... Read More

Restoring Data From a Backup

Restoring Comindware backups is performed from the Comindware.DbRestore.exe command-line utility located in the Comindware installation folder. The default path to the utility is «C:/Program Files (x86)/Comindware/Products/Site/bin/». To restore a Comindware backup: 1. Stop the Comindware Products application pool if Comindware Tracker is installed... Read More

Deleting a Backup

You may delete unnecessary backups if you no longer need them. To delete a backup: 1. Go to «Administration» > «Backup Management». 2. Select the backup from the list. 3. Click the «Delete» button in the Ribbon. Alternatively, you can delete a backup manually from Windows Explorer or any other file manager. Read More