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Backup process and policy for Comindware Tracker

To protect your data from hardware failure, viruses or accidental deletion is very important to make backups. Comindware Tracker offers such an important feature and allows you to make backups every time you need. All the projects, users, tasks, progress on tasks, comments, and attached files will be saved. This procedure is different for cloud and... Read More

Changing the limitation on the maximum amount of items in a list

To raise the limit on the amount of items shown in lists to 10000: 1. Stop the Comindware Tracker site and application pool in IIS. 2. Open the following file on the Comindware Tracker server in a text editor: C:\Program Files (x86)\Comindware\Products\Site\compiled\compiled_u.js. 3. Find the following text string: cfg.maxIt... Read More

Changing workflow on the fly during your process execution

Sometimes the workflow in your company may need to be restructured; the industry standards and requirements can change, requests processing may vary. Anyway, in course of time you need to make some changes in your Comindware Tracker system. The advantage of Comindware Tracker is - you can really change your workflow “on the fly”.  Thanks to the Com... Read More

Comindware integration with Data Studio

Data studio is a google service that provides the ability to connect to any data source. Based on them, you can create interactive dashboards and beautiful reports, available both for individual users, teams, and for the whole world. Data Studio cannot connect directly to Comindware Tracker because the product has a graph database instead of a rela... Read More

Comindware Tracker installation: IIS or Windows Service

When installing Comindware Tracker to your server, you can choose to run it as a Windows service, or as an IIS web-site. Comindware Tracker Installer Windows service installation: use this option if you don’t have IIS installed on your PC. You will get the Comindware local web server, so all Comindware programs and components become availa... Read More

Configuring Approval by E-mail

Approval process often includes a number of top-level employees (CEO, CFO, etc.) who may not be active users of the system. In this case, it would be convenient to send such users an e-mail, in which they could both view the details of the request (busines trip notice, invoice, etc.), and make their decision by clicking on a button, without having ... Read More

Configuring Azure AD authentication

Contents Registering and configuring an application in Microsoft Azure Active Directory Registering an application in Microsoft Azure Active Directory Configuring a registered application in Microsoft Azure Active Directory User accounts in Microsoft Azure Active Directory Configuring Microsoft Azure Active Directory authentication in Comin... Read More

Configuring Okta authentication

Contents Registering and configuring an application in Okta Registering an application in Okta User accounts in Okta Configuring Okta authentication in Comindware Tracker General settings Configuring user accounts to use Okta authentication in Comindware Tracker   Before you start configuring it is essential to check that “Server Addres... Read More

Configuring subtasks initiated by a workflow

When configuring a workflow for an item in Comindware Tracker, you can set it up to create subtasks for users at every step in the workflow as described here. You can configure those automatically created tasks to be assigned to certain people either simply based on the current step in the workflow or based on a more complex calculation (e.g. based... Read More

Creating "Reference" type fields with multiple values

This article describes how to properly cross-link items from different item groups using ""reference"" fields with multiple values. You may run into a situation in which you need to set up a two-way linking between items in two different item groups. Imagine you are tracking your employees, their passports and visas in three different item groups (... Read More

Creating and managing a multi-level subtasks hierarchy

Each task in Comindware Tracker allows users to create an unlimited number of subtasks that can be assigned to other users. This helps you collaborate with your colleagues more efficiently and have a better picture of tasks dependencies. Comindware Tracker allows users to create subtasks by clicking the ""Create"" link in the Subtasks tab of the ta... Read More

Data retention policy for Comindware Tracker

All Comindware products are licensed on a subscription basis and therefore you may run into a situation in which your subscription expires before you have a chance to extend it (e.g. when your trial expires before you switch to the paid subscription or if your commercial subscription fails because of an expired credit card it uses, etc.).  If you a... Read More

Downloading files via API

Files uploaded to Comindware Tracker can be downloaded both in the interface and externally through the open API of the system. In order to be able to do that: 1. Generate an API token in the Administration area. 2. Write a C# script. Below is a piece of C# code that will download a file with ID 33854 (rev is an analogue of ID when working with att... Read More

Feature comparison of mobile apps and add-ins in Comindware Tracker

Even though the server part of Comindware Tracker needs to be installed to a server machine (in case of the cloud version we install it to our servers for you), product users can access it from a wide variety of both stationary and mobile devices. As a user of the main web-based interface (accessible via any modern web browser), you have access to ... Read More

Getting your team to start using Comindware Tracker

Embracing change is often difficult, especially if we talk about changing other people's habits and environments. Getting your team to start using a centralized task management environment or changing the platform you use for that purpose may turn out to be a serious cultural and organizational challenge. This article will outline best practic... Read More

How to move Comindware Tracker database to a new location

If you use Comindware Tracker on your own server, you may need to move the product database to another location (for example, to a bigger hard drive). Follow the steps below to make sure your data is safe during the operation. 1. Stop the Comindware Products application pool (if Comindware Tracker is installed as an IIS web site) or stop the Comind... Read More

How to set up Document Review process in Comindware Tracker

Sooner or later you will face a situation when certain documents need to be reviewed by several people to ensure their accuracy and compliance with your business and legal requirements. This task can be troublesome and hard to control if you only have an e-mail box to manage the entire process. You cannot really control timing and resolution of eac... Read More

How to set up notifications in Outlook for incoming Comindware Tracker messages

This article describes how to set up Outlook pop-up notifications when an Email from Comindware Tracker is received. When you are working with complicated project it is very important not to miss any task you can receive during it. In this situation setting up Outlook notification may be very handy.  To do so in you Outlook top ribbon menu find the... Read More

Managing parallel subtasks and subprocesses in Comindware Tracker

When designing a workflow in Comindware Tracker you will notice that you can design workflows of any complexity but there is always just one process step that can be active at a time. In other words, you can create branched processes but users will always have to choose one single step to move the current process to. This is in line with the curren... Read More

Parallel tasks in Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker can be configured to create multiple tasks for each item step. Note that there is still one primary task linked directly to the corresponding item. Other tasks created in parallel will be subtasks to this primary task and will not be visible in the item. For example here is a hiring workflow task currently at the ""interviewing... Read More

Permanent task URL

Each task in Comindware Tracker has its own address (URL). It is very convenient in situations when you need to quickly share links to your tasks with your colleague (for example via Skype or e-mail). That's how you do that. Simply click on the task twice to open its full view (without the list panel) and copy the URL in the address bar of you... Read More

Reassigning licenses between users

Every company has situations when some employees are leaving the company or changing their positions and have to do another work. If it happens in your team, you may need to reassign their licenses to other users hired as a replacement. There is nothing complicated about it. There are two different ways how you can achieve it in Comindware Tracker:... Read More

Reference fields display options

When working with your requests in Comindware Tracker, you may need to make links between related entries. For example, connect a purchase order to a lead or link a support ticket with the related software bug. You can easily do that with the help of “Reference” fields.  You can learn about reference fields and other field types in this article. Th... Read More

Security for invited participants

Usually there is a group of users who work on a process within a task or workflow task App. This group of users is often determined on a system planning stage - workflow owners actually specify who gets tasks at which step in the process and this assignment occurs automatically as workflows tasks advance through the process. However, situations may... Read More

Setting up task queues in Comindware Tracker

Queues are often needed to serve as a starting point in a process, or rather as ""buckets"" new requests go to as soon as they come in. You may need to set up a queue to ""own"" your new requests before someone from your team picks them up from that queue. Here is how you can set up a queue in Comindware Tracker:   Method №1 Most often, a queue is ... Read More

System requirements for Comindware Tracker

If you want to use Comindware Tracker in the cloud, all you need is just the latest released version of one of the supported browsers listed below. Your web browser also must support JavaScript and cookies. The minimum resolution of your screen should be at least 1024 X 768 pixels.  • Internet Explorer  10.0, 11.0 • Microsoft Edge • Mozilla Firefo... Read More

Tasks due date approach reminders

For the successful work process it’s very important that all team members complete their tasks in time. With Comindware Tracker you can be sure that nothing is lost or forgotten since it collects all your active tasks in your personal list “My Active Tasks”. Even if you are away from your account, the system will email you automated reminders... Read More

Understanding and changing context in Comindware Tracker

The concept of context is used in Comindware Tracker to set up business logic and computation. First of all, any information system has a database, and to get some data from it, you need to write a query to the database. Context is the starting point for a database query. Context boundaries are the applications, tasks, triggers, etc., in which the ... Read More

Understanding Comindware Tracker

No doubt you’d like to get started right away, assigning tasks and combining tasks into a sequence. Understanding the following concepts will make that process go smoothly.If you find yourself hunting through emails for status updates and consistently wondering how to achieve your team’s goals more effectively, then it might be worthwhi... Read More

Using custom email notifications

Often, at certain stages of your work processes, you may need to send emails to your employees, managers or even external users with some actual information on the workflow tasks they are participating in. For example, you may want to instruct your employees on the details of his/her next task, give them additional information regarding the request... Read More

Using gmail as an outgoing server for Email Notifications in Comindware Tracker

The following settings should be used if you need to use Gmail as an outgoing server for email notifications: Configure SMTP Note that you should specify an existing Gmail account that will be used as a sender for all the notifications. If Gmail detects some excessive outgoing activity it may block your account  for being potentially dangerous. ... Read More

Where can I get the latest Comindware Tracker build?

If you have the on-premise version of Comindware Tracker, you may need to download the latest product build, for example to update the software on your server. If you use Comindware Tracker in the cloud, all updates are installed for you automatically as part of the cloud server maintenance. You can get the latest Comindware Tracker build directly ... Read More