Configuring Lists

About Lists
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Lists are created to help users sort, filter and manage tasks and documents. Some lists, included in the product are preconfigured — some can be configured by administrators; — finally users can create their own unique lists themselves an...
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Creating a List
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Lists are created per group by group Owners and group Members. To create a new list: 1. In the My Desktop area select the List tab and click New List. 2. Choose what type of information you want to include in your list, for example, personal tasks, b...
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Exporting To Microsoft Excel
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You can export data in any list into a Microsoft Excel file. To export a list into a Microsoft Excel file: 1. In My Desktop, click on the List tab. 2. Select the list and click the Export to Excel button. An Excel file will be generated and downloade...
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Default Lists
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Comindware Tracker provides default lists to better organize your tasks and documents. Name Description Personal Tasks Displays all your personal tasks. My Team Active Tasks Displays active tasks assigned to your team members. My ...
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Modifying List Settings
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You can change list settings, such as filter criteria and grouping options, or you can create a new list based on the settings of an existing list. To modify an existing list: 1. Select a list in the Navigation pane. 2. Select the List tab, and click...
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Filtering Items In a List
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Filtering by column values You can filter items in a list by a particular column value. For example, you may display only tasks that have Medium priority. To filter items by column values in a list: 1. Hover the mouse cursor over a column header, and...
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Organizing Favorites
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Any list or dashboard can be marked as Favorite for quick access. Favorites are displayed at the top of the Navigation pane when you select the My Desktop workspace. The list that comes first in Favorites will be opened by default each time you open ...
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