About identifiers
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An Identifier (ID for short) is a unique name required for identification of the Comindware Tracker objects and object properties. In Comindware Expression Language, identifiers allow an administrator or an architect to refer to objects and object pr...
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How to obtain an identifier
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While working with expressions, you have to use identifiers to refer to objects and object properties. Follow the below instructions on how to get identifiers of required objects and properties in Comindware Tracker user interface. To get the ID of a...
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General rules
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The following is the list of general rules to use identifiers in Comindware Expression Language. Field identifiers must be used in expressions, but not field names. Identifiers are case sensitive. If an identifier contains spaces, use the following ...
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Field identifiers in Tasks applications
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A Tasks application cannot be edited and number of fields is invariable. All task and subtask fields are system. This table lists the fields of the Tasks application. Use these identifiers in your expressions to configure tasks and subtasks. Iden...
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