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Configuring an Export Template

Comindware Tracker supports the ability to export data to Word, Excel or PDF files. For that, you need to create a template, either in Word or Excel, where you map Comindware Tracker fields to a preconfigured document/workbook layout. To configure an export template file: 1. Create a new Microsoft Word/Excel document/workbook (*.docx or *.xlsx) whi... Read More

Uploading a Template File into Comindware Tracker

After you have your export template configured, upload it into Comindware Tracker. To upload an export template file: 1. In the «Application» setup, go to «Export Settings». 2. Click «Add Template» > «Upload a file» and choose your Word/Excel template. 3. Click «Save & Close». As soon as you upload the export template, the «Export to File» b... Read More