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Configuring Creation Of Tasks And Docs From E-mails

Abоut Creating Tasks And Docs From E-mail Messages

Your tasks and documents can be automatically created directly from e-mail messages sent to a particular e-mail address associated with an application. As soon as you send an e-mail into such group, the e-mail becomes a task or document. The name will be the e-mail subject, and the body of the e-mail will become a task or doc description. E-mail at... Read More

Configuring Account Settings

To start creating tasks or items via e-mail, you should create and configure a new incoming e-mail account. To create a new inbound e-mail account: 1. Go to Administration > Create Items by E-mail. 2. Click the New Account button in the Ribbon. 3. Fill in the account settings Name Description Application Select an applic... Read More

Configuring Automatic Replies

Comindware Tracker can send automatic replies upon each received e-mail message. Automatic replies inform a requestor whether a task has been created or not. Prior to activating automatic replies, you should configure global outgoing e-mail settings in Administration > E-mail Integration. See Configuring outgoing e-mail settings. То ... Read More

Specifying Item Creation Options

Specify task creation or document creation parameters from e-mail messages. Name Description Accept attachments Select the check box to add a message’s attachments to a task or document. Save e-mail as attachment Select the check box if you want a message to be automatically saved as an attachment to the task/document being cr... Read More