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Comindware Workflow for SharePoint

Configuring Integration Settings in Comindware Tracker

First, configure integration settings in Comindware Tracker. To create a new integration with the Microsoft SharePoint Server in Comindware Tracker: 1. Log in to Comindware Tracker using Comindware administrator credentials, and go to Administration > Comindware Workflow For SharePoint. 2. Click New Integration. 3. Specify general... Read More

Configuring Integration Settings in Microsoft SharePoint

After you have configured the Comindware Tracker part, you should configure the Microsoft SharePoint part. You must have the SharePoint site collection administrator permissions. To enable integration in Microsoft SharePoint: 1. Open SharePoint administration (click Start > Administrative Tools, and then click SharePoint Central Administrat... Read More

How to Configure Integration with SharePoint Server

Integration of Comindware Tracker and Microsoft SharePoint is configured on both sides: Comindware Tracker and Microsoft SharePoint. First, you configure the integration settings in Comindware Tracker, then configure the site settings and security settings in Microsoft SharePoint. See Configuring integration settings in Comindware Tracker See Confi... Read More

What Is Comindware Workflow for SharePoint

Your company may already use Microsoft SharePoint for document exchange and collaboration. However, Workflow management functionality in SharePoint is rather complex and requires programming. Comindware Tracker includes Comindware Workflow for SharePoint™, an easy-to-use graphical Workflow engine that allows creating and initiating workflows ... Read More