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Collecting debug information in Google Chrome

If you experience problems with the visual user interface of Comindware Tracker while working in Google Chrome, browser logs can help troubleshoot the issue. Before capturing any logs, make sure to refresh the page by pressing the CTRL+F5 button combination on your keyboard.​Some errors may be caused by pages being cached improperly on your compute... Read More

Comindware Tracker Audit Log

As a Comindware Tracker administrator, you can always obtain a detailed log of significant user management and system activity events that happen in the system. Imagine a situation when one of your users loses access to one of crucial applications with some essential documents inside. Another example could be a user losing the ability to log in to ... Read More

Comindware Tracker for Outlook add-in log

When troubleshooting a problem related to Comindware Tracker for Outlook, Comindware team may request you to send the log generated by the add-in. This log contains the add-in activity history and may contain essential information on why the problem you've run into occurred. The log is captured automatically so all you need to do is to reprodu... Read More

Comindware Tracker Server Log

Comindware Tracker logs most of the events that occur during its operation in a special log which is therefore very useful for tracking and investigating unexpected product behavior, errors and other events. Comindware support team may ask you to send this log to investigate the issue you report. You can always find the Comindware Tracker server lo... Read More

Creating a Microsoft Installer (MSI) Log of Comindware Products

If you are experiencing a problem with installing Comindware software (installation halts/rolls back/errors out etc.), its root cause can be found by analyzing the Microsoft Installer Log. You can get this log by running the installation file with specific command line parameters as described below. Go to the Run prompt (Start -> Run) and type i... Read More

Users cannot get into Comindware Tracker after the server hardware is changed

When you install and activate Comindware software on your client server, your hardware ID is recorded for each license key you use.   If you change the hardware on your machine (get a faster processor or add more RAM for better performance), the actual ID of your hardware will change as well. As a result, your Comindware license keys will require r... Read More

Where to download .NET Framework 4 for Comindware?

When installing Comindware Tracker to your server, you may get a message saying that .NET Framework 4 is necessary. The cause of this message is that there is no .NET Framework 4 installed on your computer. Normally, if this component is missing on your machine, Comindware installer should download it automatically. Thus, this error is likely to co... Read More

Windows Event Logs

Windows Event Log may be required for troubleshooting problems related to the on-premise version of Comindware Tracker . Comindware support representatives may ask you to capture it in addition to some other logs generated by the product itself. Follow the steps below to get it on your machine running: Windows Vista/7/2008 Windows XP/2000/200... Read More

Windows System Information File

If you have a problem with a Comindware product installed on your Windows server, Windows System Information file can be useful for troubleshooting the issue. This file contains the following information: Operating system System drivers Running processes Services Program groups Startup programs Description Follow these steps to get the Windows Sy... Read More