Active Directory
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Activation with Microsoft Active Directory can be set-up to avoid manual creation of users. Also once integration is set-up, users will be logging in using Microsoft AD credentials. An SSO configuration is possible. Learn more about SSO configuration...
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Resource Pools
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Resource pools should be used when there are too many people to manage their time altogether. Resource pool defines a pool members and pool manager. Only pool manager can allocate the time of pool members. Resource pools are then used in Workload Man...
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E-mail Server
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Email server is used to send notifications and allow replying to comments by emails. Cloud version of Comindware products is supplied with pre-defined Email server. It’s possible to setup and other Email server. Be sure to check if your setting...
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Timesheet Profiles
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Timesheet profiles define who should be submitting Timesheets, how frequently, and who should be approving them. Each person can have no more than one Timesheet profile assigned. In My Work people can Submit Timesheets and Approve Timesheets. Timeshe...
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Skills are used to help Project Managers with building a project team. Skills can be assigned by the employee himself, by his manager and by administrators. After skill is assigned, it shows up in personal profile. Skills are managed altogether to av...
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There are three pre-defined security roles: Administrators (Comindware Project license is required) Users (Comindware Project license is required) Collaborators (Comindware Team Network license is required). Each of these groups has pre-defined set...
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Custom Awards can be created to address your company specific needs: “best developer”, “best salesperson”, “best support specialist” etc. Each award has security setting defining who cab ne giving this award. After award is given, it shows up in the ...
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Work Calendars
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Work Calendars define working and nonworking days for groups of people. Multiple Work Calendars can be used. For example each office can have its own calendar. Each person has one Work Calendar assigned. One of the Work Calendars is marked as default...
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Licensing shows how many license left you have and till what time they’ll be working. Additional licenses can be purchased on Comindware website. Unlimited number of Comindware Team Network licenses is provided when Comindware Project is purcha...
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