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Backup process and policy for Comindware Project

To protect your data from hardware failure, viruses or accidental deletion it’s very important to make backups. Comindware Project offers such an important feature and allows you to make backups anytime you need it. Thus you can be sure all your projects, users, tasks, progress on tasks, comments, and attached files will be safe. In Comindwar... Read More

Comindware for Outlook

With Comindware Project, you can manage all of your project tasks, timesheets and view your Activity stream right within the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook, thus saving time on switching between different applications. This can be done using the Outlook add-in shipped with Comindware Project which is called Comindware for Outlook. With Com... Read More

Comindware Project for Outlook does not show up in Outlook after installation

Sometimes after Comindware for Outlook installation, the add-in doesn’t show up in MS Outlook even if you restart it. It may occur when some system security settings on your machine don’t allow third-party add-ins integration into MS Outlook. However you can enable the Comindware Project add-in manually.  Before you go on reading, take ... Read More

Comindware Project installation to a client server: IIS or Windows service

When installing Comindware Project to your server, you can choose to run it as a Windows service, or as an IIS web-site. Comindware Installer Windows service installation: use this option if you don’t have IIS installed on your PC. You will get the Comindware local web server, so all Comindware programs and components become available over... Read More

Comindware Project Manual Activation

If you want to use Comindware Project on your server but you don’t have Internet connection to activate the product online, follow the manual activation procedure.  Before you get started with the activation, make sure your license keys are registered in your user account at Comindware website. Learn how to do that in this article.Don’t... Read More

Comindware Project system requirements

If you want to use Comindware Project in the cloud, all you need is just the latest released version of one of the supported browsers listed below. Your web browser also must support JavaScript and cookies. The minimum resolution of your screen should be at least 1024 X 768 pixels. • Internet Explorer  8.0, 9.0, 10.0• Mozilla Firefox Supported by t... Read More

Data retention policy for Comindware Project

All Comindware products are licensed on a subscription basis and therefore you may run into a situation in which your subscription expires before you have a chance to extend it (e.g. when your trial expires before you switch to the paid subscription or if your commercial subscription fails because of an expired credit card it uses, etc.).  If you a... Read More

Enabling Single Sign-On for Comindware Project

For your convenience, you can enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for Comindware Project installed on your server so your teammates can use their Windows credentials to access the product. The procedure depends on whether you have Comindware Project installed as: Windows Service SSO for Comindware for Outlook IIS SSO for Comindware for Outlook   I... Read More

Feature comparison of mobile apps and add-ins in Comindware Project

Even though the server part of Comindware Project needs to be installed to a server machine (in case of the cloud version we install it to our servers for you), product users can access it from a wide variety of both stationary and mobile devices. As a user of the main web-based interface (accessible via any modern web browser), you have access to ... Read More

How to get Comindware Project for on-premise installation

Here at Comindware we offer free 30-day trials of our software for everyone who wants to evaluate them. Not only can you try the tools in the cloud, but you can also get them installed to your own machine and check if the run normally in your technical environment. If you want to go the second way and have the on-premise trial instance, simply foll... Read More

How to remove Comindware Project from a server

Removing Comindware Project from your machine is as easy as any other software uninstallation. Simply go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features, find Comindware Project in the list, right-click on it and select the “Uninstall” option from the drop-down menu.   Once the uninstallation process is started, you’ll get a choice to either kee... Read More

Managing licenses in Comindware Project

The very first thing that you should know about Comindware Project licensing is that there are free and paid product functionalities. Creating and managing projects, working with tasks, running reports, managing resources and setting the system up are paid options so you’ll need a license to be able to perform these actions. At the same time,... Read More

Users cannot get into Comindware Project after the server hardware is changed

If you have upgraded your server hardware or re-installed Comindware Project on a different machine, you may suddenly discover that nobody can log into your product instance.  The issue is that when you activate Comindware Project on your server, your license kays are tied to your current server hardware ID. Thus you can be sure no one will steal y... Read More

Where can I get the latest Comindware Project build?

If you have the on-premise version of Comindware Project, you may need to download the latest product build, for example to update the software on your server. If you use Comindware Project in the cloud, all updates are installed for you automatically as a part of the cloud server maintenance. You can get the latest Comindware Project build directl... Read More