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Add Project Members so they have access to project tasks and Activity. Tasks can be assigned only to project members. Project activity includes key Project updates such as deadline changes, adding of new members etc, and all the project discussions. ...
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Here you see Project documents that can be accessed by all project members. Uploading new versions and changing document name and description is available only for the person who uploaded the document. All the documents you have access to across all ...
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Project Tasks
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These are tasks to be done during the project. Tasks can be seen only by project members. Quick actions are available in the task list: Assign a task by clicking on the person Change task name Fill in remaining work Define task priority by moving ta...
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WBS can be used to plan projects with complex hierarchical structures. The information you see in WBS is identical to the one seen in Tasks. Task card can be opened by clicking on the “i” icon. WBS
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