Getting Started

Comindware Project Quick Start in 11 Steps
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Comindware Project is a state of the art project management solution powered up with Comindware Team Network – collaboration and execution solution that increases employees’ engagement. This is a quick start guide into Comindware Project and Co...
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Automated Priority Based Planning
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Comindware Project provides an automated priority-based planning solution that schedules projects for you, based on task priorities and resource assignments. Whenever you make changes, the whole plan is rescheduled automatically, and you immediately ...
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Timesheets are used to track time spent on different tasks and projects. This information can then be used for billing/invoicing purposes. There are four areas related to Timesheets: 1. Timesheet submission 2. Timesheet approval 3. Timesheet reportin...
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Predictive Gantt-Chart
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In Comindware Project, tracking projects is done by reading the unattended real-time Gantt chart that automatically shifts all undone work to the future, thus reflecting the real run of things and preventing project managers from being over-optimisti...
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Workload Management
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Use Workload to: Identify resource conflicts and resolve such conflicts using resource allocation Monitor team load Find available resources. Resource conflict happens when tasks in different projects have been assigned to the same person and sched...
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There are two types of reports in Comindware Project: Project report Timesheet report. Use Project report to see: Expected finish dates for all company projects Trend of remaining work and expected finish dates for particular projects Project scop...
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Free Comindware Team Network Licenses
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You can invite unlimited number of people to collaborate for free with Comindware Team Network. User of Comindware Team Network can: Create and use rooms to collaborate with colleagues Start and participate in discussions Work with documents Use the...
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Planning a Project
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Comindware Project schedules projects automatically for you thanks to automated priority-based planning. Learn more how Automated Priority Based Planning works as compared to Microsoft Project. All you need to do is to: 1. Define project start date ...
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Tracking a Project
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Comindware is using predictive Gantt-chart that automatically reschedules the remainder of the work, so that the overall plan constantly remains up-to-date and shows the real status of your project – as well as actual estimated milestones and finish ...
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Discuss any work matters in the right context: it can be a Project, a Room, or just particular persons. Attach documents to a discussion and they’ll be available for all of the participants any time they want to use them. Discussions are free ...
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Document Management
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You can manage documents within Comindware Team Network: attach them from your computer and then discuss with people (project teams, room members, or a particular person). There are three places where you can see documents: My Work -> Documents, ...
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How to Stay Up to Date
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Use Activity and e-mail notifications to stay up to date on all your work. Activity Where you can see Activity: In a project In a room On the My Work page - updates on all items and events that you follow My work page E-mail notifications Subscr...
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