What Is Comindware Workflow for SharePoint

Your company may already use Microsoft SharePoint for document exchange and collaboration. However, Workflow management functionality in SharePoint is rather complex and requires programming.

Comindware Tracker includes Comindware Workflow for SharePoint™, an easy-to-use graphical Workflow engine that allows creating and initiating workflows in SharePoint visually with no coding required.

Comindware Workflow for SharePoint integrates your existing SharePoint installation with Comindware Tracker, workflows and ready business applications: Compliance and Policy, Software Development, Human Resources, IT Operations, or any of your own business applications. You will be able to visually create or modify your processes in Microsoft SharePoint, and your team will create requests in the familiar SharePoint environment.


  • Build Workflows and business applications in SharePoint with a graphical Comindware workflow builder that requires no coding.
  • Initiate requests and processes in SharePoint and track their status in real-time.
  • Comindware Tracker® is easier and cheaper to deploy and use. It does not install anything inside SharePoint and, thus, does not involve extra associated IT costs and extra security and integrity issues.
  • Comindware Workflow for SharePoint works with the native SharePoint user interface, so users don’t get confused and don't have to learn anything.

How it works

You use a pre-designed business application in Comindware Tracker or have your own configured business application in Comindware Tracker.

You use Microsoft SharePoint as a resource for document storage and collaboration.

You create a new site in Microsoft SharePoint.

You configure integration settings in Comindware Tracker, such as tasks that your team members will create in SharePoint, a SharePoint web site where these tasks will be created.

You re-login to Microsoft SharePoint and your integration is ready. Open the SharePoint site and create a request.

When the request is created, it will be processed through the workflow in Comindware Tracker. When the request is completed, you will see the result in SharePoint. When working in SharePoint, you can only see your own requests, but not requests created by other users.

Integration examples

Your team members initiate different types of requests from Microsoft SharePoint, for example, create a Help Desk request, or a Purchase request.

Who can enable integration with Microsoft SharePoint Server

  • Comindware administrators to configure the Comindware Tracker part
  • Microsoft SharePoint site collection administrators to configure the Microsoft SharePoint part

Preliminary steps

  • Comindware Tracker Requestor or higher license added
  • Users and user groups created
  • Product keys for Comindware Tracker Requestor or higher license assigned to users
  • Workspace created, workspace participants added
  • Application created and configured (fields, form, workflow)
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 installed
  • Microsoft SharePoint site created
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