Validation Rules

Validation rules verify that the data a user enters in a workflow task meets the criteria you specify. A validation rule can be applied to one or more task fields in a particular step or transition. Validation rules are created using the Comindware Expression language. Validation rules can be assigned to both  steps and transitions.

How it works

A rule will be applied when a workflow task is saved in this particular step or enters or exits the step or transition. You cannot move a workflow task to the next step until you enter something that satisfies the rule.

To create a validation rule:

1. In the left part of the Step Properties window, click Validation Rules.

2. Click Add Rule...

3. In the Rule name field, specify a rule name.

4. In the Rule expression field, specify an expression written in the Comindware Expression language. Click the Auto Complete button in the Expression Editor window for a complete list of available Comindware expressions. To view Comindware Expression usage examples, click the Help button in the Expression Editor. See Comindware Expression language How To.

5. In the Validation Message field, type-in a message that will be displayed to a user when a validation rule is not met.

6. When finished, click Save.

7. Click Save Workflow.

Creating the validation rule for the finish date

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