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Using Search

Comindware Search allows you to quickly find your tasks and documents as well as any task-related or document-related information.

To access search:

1. Locate your mouse cursor in the Search box in the right part of the Header.

2. Enter your search criteria.


What you can search

You can search for the following information:

  • Task ID or document ID
  • title
  • any text in the Description and Discussion fields
  • any text in custom fields previously marked as Indexed while creating an application

Search by ID

Enter an ID or according to the following pattern: #1234, where 1234 is the ID of a task or document.

Text search

Enter the text in the search box and press Enter or press the search icon beside the search box.

Words ignored in search

The following words will be skipped over during your search:

""a"", ""an"", ""and"", ""are"", ""as"", ""at"", ""be"", ""but"", ""by"", ""for"", ""if"", ""in"", ""into"", ""is"", ""it"", ""no"", ""not"", ""of"", ""on"", ""or"", ""such"", ""that"", ""the"", ""their"", ""then"", ""there"", ""these"", ""they"", ""this"", ""to"", ""was"", ""will"", ""with"".