Tracking a Project

Comindware is using predictive Gantt-chart that automatically reschedules the remainder of the work, so that the overall plan constantly remains up-to-date and shows the real status of your project – as well as actual estimated milestones and finish date. Learn more about Predictive Gantt-Chart.

Thus Comindware Project prevents project managers from being over-optimistic.

In the Gantt-Chart all the undone work is shifted to the future:


What other tools can help you with Project tracking:

Task traces

Use task traces to see which tasks are in progress:

  • A task starts leaving a trace when someone starts logging time on it;
  • Compare traces to baselines to see if a task is on time or was rescheduled.


Use deadlines to make sure tasks are completed on time:

  • Set deadlines for tasks
  • Deadlines are displayed on a Gantt-Chart
  • Overdue tasks become red.


Use baselines to compare actual project progress to what was planned.

  • Create baselines after major plan changes;
  • Compare current progress to different baselines.

Project progress


Use reports to get additional info on project progress:

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