Third Party Software Used in Comindware Tracker

Third Party Software Notices and/or Additional Terms and Conditions

 Title of the componentBrief description of the componentLicenseSource code storage address
 1  Ext.ux.netbox.InputTextMask extension  Cherry On Ext (Cherry) extends the Ext JS library.  Modified BSD license  Link
 2  jQuery Caret (jCaret) Plugin  A Javascript library for setting and getting position of the caret.  MIT License  Link
 3  CKEditor  A text editor to be used inside web pages.  MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE Version 1.1  Link
 4  php.js  Brings high-level PHP functions to low-level JavaScript platforms.  MIT License  Link
 5  JsDeffered Library  Allow to write asynchronous JavaScript callback processes serially.  MIT License  Link
 6  Explorercanvas Library  Support of the HTML5 canvas tag to allow 2D command-based drawing.  Apache License, Version 2.0  Link
 7  jQuery UI  Provides abstractions for low-level interaction, animation, and more.  MIT License  Link
 8  WiX Library  A toolset that builds Windows installation packages from XML source code.  Common Public License Version 1.0  Link
 9  SQLite  An in-process library that implements SQL database engine.  Public domain  Link
 10  NPOI Library  The .NET version of POI Java project.  Apache License, Version 2.0  Link
 11  NLog  A logging platform.  Modified BSD license  Link
 12  Json.NET library  JSON framework for .NET.  MIT License  Link
 13  Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices   A managed interface for developing client applications.  MICROSOFT SOFTWARE LICENSE  Link
 14  Lumisoft.Net Mail Server  A mailserver.  LumiSoft license  Link
 15  Apache Lucene.NET  A port of the Lucene search engine library.  Apache License, Version 2.0  Link
 16  DotNetZip Library  A class library and toolset for manipulating zip files or folders.  Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL )  Link
 17  ANTLR 3  A GUI development environment for building ANTLR v3 grammars.  Modified BSD license  Link
 18  Html Agility Pack  An agile HTML parser that builds a read/write DOM and supports plain XPATH or XSLT.  Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL )  Link
 19  jQuery JavaScript Library    MIT License  Link
 20  Sizzle.js  A pure-JavaScript CSS selector engine.  MIT License  Link
 21  Crystal Project Icons    GNU Lesser General Public License v 2.1  Link


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