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The My Desktop area

My Desktop is your personal area where you work with Comindware Tracker tasks, items, lists and dashboards.

Accessing the My Desktop area

The My Desktop area is available to any Comindware user regardless of their privileges or permissions after the user has logged in to Comindware Tracker.

My Desktop screen view

Actions you can perform in the My Desktop area

In My Desktop, you can perform various activities:

  • Create new tasks, manage existing tasks See Working with tasks.
  • Create new items, manage existing items. See Working with items.
  • Create new lists of tasks and items, edit existing lists, delete lists. See Configuring lists.
  • Create new dashboards, add or remove widgets, delete dashboards.See Configuring the dashboard.
  • Organize your Favorites: add lists and dashboards, sort them in the right order. See Organizing lists and dashboards into Favorites.