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The Administration area

Comindware Tracker configuration is performed from the Administration area.

Accessing the Administration area

The Administration area can only be accessed by users who have previously been granted Comindware administrator or Comindware architect privileges.

To access the administration area:

1. Log in to Comindware Tracker.

2. Click the Administration icon located to the left of the search box in the program header:

Navigating to the Administration page

3. After you have clicked the Administration icon, you will be redirected to the Administration page:

The Administration page

Actions you can perform in the Administration area

From the Administration page you perform product configuration using the following tools:

System settings setup tools:

Backup Management (On-Premise software version only)

Create backups of the Comindware database, view or delete backups.

License Manager (On-Premise software version only)

Add a new license, activate your license online or manually, manage license assignment, delete a license.

E-mail Notifications

Configure MS Exchange or SMTP server settings to allow sending e-mail notifications.

Create Items by E-mail

Configure e-mail accounts to create tasks and items via e-mail.

Custom Logo

Add your company logo into Comindware Tracker, add a favicon in the address bar of your browser.

Requestor Workspaces

Create a work area for users who own the Comindware Tracker Requestor license. Requestors can only create items of a particular type and view items created by them.

Comindware Workflow for SharePoint

Integration of Microsoft SharePoint with Comindware Tracker. Work with Comindware Tracker workflows directly from Microsoft SharePoint.

CSV Import

Migrate data from other issue tracking systems or databases, update existing Comindware Tracker items using a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.

User management tools:


Add new user accounts, edit user information, deactivate user accounts. Manage privileges assigned to users.

User Groups

Add new user groups and new members to existing groups. Manage group members, manage group privileges. Manage Comindware administrators and Comindware architects groups.

Active Directory Integration

Connect to the Microsoft Active Directory server, import user profile information.


Get Audit Log

Generate an audit log report in the CSV format. The report contains information about most administrative actions and events that occur in Comindware Tracker.