Step 2: Pre-Designed Business Application Or Custom Business Application

Comindware Tracker offers ready pre-designed business applications for various business areas. You can also create your own custom flexible business applications.

Deploying a pre-designed business application

Each pre-designed business application includes preconfigured workflows, task and doc forms. Comindware provides ready business applications for:

  • IT Operations
  • Finance and Administration
  • Compliance and Policy
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Operations
  • Sales Operations
  • Education and School Administration
  • Software Development.

Click the Menu tab, click One-click Business Application Setup. Double-click on a business application to deploy it in Comindware Tracker.

See Deploying a Business Application.

After you've deployed a business application, you will need to add employees to its workspace and assign roles to employees in workflows. Go to Step 3: Create a workspace, and Step 7: Configure Application: create a workflow.

Creating your own business application

In most cases, you will need to configure your own business application. Configuration includes the creation of a workspace and creation of applications in a workspace.

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