Step 1: Add Users And User Groups

First, you need to add users who will work with Comindware Tracker. You can add users from Active Directory or manually and assign a product license to them.

This type of operation is performed by Comindware administrators. If you are a Comindware architect, please ask the Comindware administrator to perform this operation.

Adding users from Active Directory

If your company uses Active Directory, import user profiles from Active Directory.

Click Active Directory Integration, specify connection settings and import Active Directory groups.

See Connecting to Active Directory.

Adding users locally

Otherwise, add users manually into the Comindware Tracker database.

Click Users, then click Add new user, and specify the user information.

See Creating a local user.

Assigning a license to the users

After you have added users, license the users to use Comindware Tracker.

Click License Manager, double-click on the Comindware Tracker license. In the window that opens, click Assign users, select the users and click Save.

See Assigning users to the product key.

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