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Specifying Item Creation Options

Specify task creation or document creation parameters from e-mail messages.



Accept attachments

Select the check box to add a message’s attachments to a task or document.

Save e-mail as attachment

Select the check box if you want a message to be automatically saved as an attachment to the task/document being created.

Create a task/item from any e-mail

Choose whether to create tasks or documents from e-mails sent by any user, including both Comindware users and non-Comindware users. If the check box is not selected, only Comindware users granted Owners, Members, or Requestors permissions can create tasks or items in the selected group.

Send success message

Select the check box to send a notification upon successful creation of a task/doc.

Send failure message

Select the check box to send a notification if an error occurs while creating a task/doc.

Default creator

Select a Comindware user who will be set as creator of a task/doc by default. A default user will be set as task or document creator when an e-mail message is received from a non-Comindware user. If an e-mail message is sent by a Comindware user, the sender is set as creator of a task/document.

Default assignee

Select a default assignee of a task being created. A default assignee is not required documents and workflow tasks.

Save Requestor data in

Select the text field to copy the requestor’s full name and e-mail address to. It is recommended that you create a text field for this purpose beforehand, during template creation.

To save the changes click the Save button in the ribbon.

Item creation options