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Skipping weekends when calculating due dates

Comindware Tracker allows to set up due dates for tasks. It can either be a specific deadline filled in by some user on the form or a calculated one, when, for example, the task duration is added to the the current date and time. The standard ADD function, however, does not skip weekends, it simply adds a date and a duration. If you need to calculate a due date that would skip weekends (e.g. if a task due date hits a Saturday, it will skip over to the next Monday) and, optionally, holidays, use the WORKDAYS function.




$$now — system timestamp;

$duration — system name of the field of the "Duration" type that stores the task duration. It can be substituted with the DURATION function;

LIST() — here you can specify additional dates that need to be skipped, for example, holidays. To specify a date, use MAKEDATE function. If you don't need to specify any additional dates, leave this function empty.

See also: Functions.