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Pre-Populating Item Fields

Item fields can be automatically filled in when an item moves to a particular step. You can set an exact value for the field, calculate a field value using the Comindware Expression language, or clear the field value as soon as the item moves to the next step.

To pre-populate item fields:

1. Double click a required step, and click Pre-populate Fields in the left area of the window.

Pre-populate Fields window

2. Select a field you would like to fill in and click Set Value...

3. Choose how you would like to pre-populate the field:



Set a default value

You can set an exact value to the field.

Type a rule expression using the Comindware Expression language

Item field can be calculated using the formula written in the Comindware Expression language. Comindware Expression language How To.

Delete the field value when an item enters the next step

The field value will be cleared.

Pre-populate the Date field

4. When finished, click Save & Close.

5. Click Save Workflow.