Pie Chart

A pie chart illustrates how different parts of work contribute to the overall result. For example, the number of critical bugs and normal bugs for a release.

Pie chart

To create a Pie chart:

1. Select a dashboard in the Navigation pane.

2. Click the Add Widget button in the Ribbon.

3. Choose the type of Pie chart widget.

4. Select a list that will be used as the data source for your widget.

5. Complete the required fields of the Widget Settings page as shown in the table below:



Widget name

Widget name will be displayed as a title for the widget in the dashboard.

Data source

A list of tasks or items used as a data source for this widget.

Group by 1

Choose a field in which you want to combine data into a single sector.

Data grouping inside sector

Choose how to group data inside sectors. The following values are available:





6. When finished, click the Finish button. The widget will be added to your dashboard.

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