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Opening Comindware Tracker on a Mobile Device

You can use Comindware Tracker on your mobile phone or any other mobile device. You do not need any special software installed except a mobile web browser. Make sure your mobile device is connected to the Internet if your Comindware Tracker installation is accessible through the Internet, or corporate network if Comindware Tracker is installed in your corporate network.

To open Comindware Tracker on a mobile device:

1. Launch a mobile web browser on your mobile device.

2. In the address bar of your mobile web browser, type-in the Comindware Tracker URL:

http://ComputerName:Port, where:

Parameter Description Values
http:// Data transfer protocol specified during installation.



ComputerName The name of the server hosting your application. This may be a computer IP address, or a computer DNS name.





Port The port number specified during installation.

8081 (default for Comindware Tracker installation)

80 (default for http installation)

443 (default for https installation)

3. Enter your login credentials provided by the system administrator and click «Log in».

Login page on a mobile device