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On-Premise Licenses

To obtain any license, you need to register at and receive a product key from your subscription page.

To use the on-premise version of Comindware Tracker, you will need at least one Comindware Tracker Full license and (optionally) Comindware Tracker Basic license.

Comindware Tracker Full License

Comindware Tracker Full License provides unlimited access to all features and capabilities of Comindware Tracker, including working with tasks, workflows, collaborative features, reports and dashboards.

Comindware Tracker Basic License

Comindware Tracker Basic License provides limited access to Comindware Tracker features and capabilities. This type of license is designed for those users who submit requests like Purchase Requests, IT Help Desk Tickets, Vacation Requests, etc. and need to track their request progress.

Difference Between Full License and Basic License

Actions Full License Basic License
Submit requests + +
Collaborate on requests + +
Receive status notifications + +
Manage requests submitted by other users + +
Manage tasks +
Design workflow processes +
Configure «My Desktop» area +
Real-time monitoring with dashboards and lists +
Use Comindware Tasks for Outlook +
Team collaboration +

Comindware Tracker Trial License

The Comindware Tracker trial license allows you to evaluate the full functionality of Comindware Tracker for free during a 30 day trial period. You can also use the trial cloud based subscription service to evaluate Comindware Tracker. Trial subscription is free and is valid for 30 days.