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Manual activation of product keys in the installable (on premise) version of Comindware Tracker

If you have installed Comindware Tracker on your system and need to activate your product keys but you don’t have Internet connection on your server you can use the Manual Activation method.

Note : this activity may require two computers, one of which must be internet facing.

Before activating your product keys must be registered on your Comindware account . Once your have registered your keys, follow the below steps to activate your licenses manually:

1. On the browser where you are attempting to activate the licenses, click Manual Activation (See circled in red below);

2. Enter the keys you were provided into the “Add product Key” area:

Obtaining activation keys

3. Click on the “Obtain File”button;

  • This will save the key into a txt file (ActivationRequest.txt)
  • Please save or copy this file into a file share

4. On another computer that has Internet access, go to

5. On the webpage, browse for the txt file created via the obtain file functionality of the manual activation

  • This will allow you to save another txt file whose default name is “ActivationResponse.txt”

Activating product keys

6. Save this file to the same file share;

7. Now, on the manual activation screen, click on “Upload”;

8. Click on “Activate”;

9. Once activated, you should be able to remove “/Home/ActivationFirst” from the URL presented on your server. As an example:

10. At this time, if you are logging in to the system for the first time it is recommended to create an “Administrator” user, provide a password and an email;

After that open your Comindware Tracker go to the Administration area -> License Manager -> Comindware Tracker -> Assign Users and assign a license to your administrator account.