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How to track your meetings and meeting notes with the help of Comindware Tracker

A good practice to track your meetings can become very easy to follow when you have Comindware Tracker in place. This article describes the approach we suggest. 

You’ll definitely need a separate place for keeping you meeting records and that’s what you should start from. A Task Application  will work just fine for this purpose. You can create an App somewhere in your system and track all your meetings from there.

Create a task in this App for each meeting you plan and assign it to the meeting organizer (or the person who will be adding meeting notes for everyone). Specify the meeting date and put the meeting agenda into the task Description area. If you add the meeting participants to the list of task Followers, they will be notified if meeting agenda, date, status, etc. changes.

Manage Followers

Create subtasks for meeting participants during the meeting or after it. They will help you track after-meeting activities and make sure all the changes discussed are implemented. Since each subtask can be assigned to a different person, you get better control over your business and ensure no one is dropping the ball.

Subtasks help you delegate a part of work to different people. Learn about subtasks here.


If you have repetitive meetings (like daily team meetings or weekly planning sessions), you can enable recurrence for them in Comindware Tracker.  The system will recreate these tasks for you automatically at the set time intervals. Learn more about recurrent tasks in this article