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How to set up Document Review process in Comindware Tracker

Sooner or later you will face a situation when certain documents need to be reviewed by several people to ensure their accuracy and compliance with your business and legal requirements. This task can be troublesome and hard to control if you only have an e-mail box to manage the entire process. You cannot really control timing and resolution of each task and be completely sure all the edits were committed to the final document. Comindware Tracker can help you control such things with the help of subtasks.

First, create the main task for the document review you need and attach the initial document file to it. In our example we need to review the new hiring plan:

Add  Attachment

Then go to the “Subtasks” tab, create a bunch of subtasks and assign them to people who need to review the document and make edits:


Ask the participants to communicate the changes in the “Discussion” tab. It will help a lot to keep track of the work done:


Another good thing that you should know is that Comindware Tracker supports attached files versioning.

Attachments versioning allows you to attach files with the same names to a task and mark them as different file versions. Use this smart feature to track changes in documents, design templates, agreements, etc.

Just download the original file to your computer, edit it the way you need and upload it back to the task under the same name using the “Upload new version” option (this pop-up window will come up during the upload):

Uploading a New Version

Once everyone closes his/her task , the main task owner  can be sure the document is fully reviewed by all interested parties and can complete it within the system. 

The main task is not completed automatically when all its subtasks are closed. It allows you to keep control over the process and even create more subtasks if needed. However, if you complete the main task, all its subtasks will be closed too at the same moment. Use it wisely!