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How To Create an Application

You can create as many applications as you wish for each workspace, depending on your needs and the data you work with.

How to create an application:

1. Click Create application in the left part of the window.

2. Specify application Name, for example, ""Help Desk Tickets"" for a Workflow app, ""Client Base"" for a documents library, ""HR Tasks"" for Tasks app).

3. In the Description field, provide a short summary what your application does.

4. Click Save. After clicking Save you will be redirected to the application configuration page where you configure all application settings:

  • Fields: or what information an item will retain.

See Creating fields

  • Form: or what your items will look like.

See Creating a web form

  • Workflow: (for a workflow app) how your workflow tasks will be processed.

See Configuring a workflow

  • Security: grant permissions to your colleagues to work with the app, or remove these permissions
  • E-mail notifications: send e-mails to particular people when particular events occur with tasks or documents inside an application
  • Export to Word: configure the look of tasks or docs when they are exported to a Microsoft Word doc file.