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How To Create a Team Task

Tasks are pieces of work that need to get done. They are parts of a project, or components of a day. They can exist on their own or they can be part of a larger picture with subtasks or workflows. You can assign them to yourself or to members of your team, and with Comindware Tracker, you can track their status automatically.

To create a new team task:

1. In the My Desktop area click the New button in the Ribbon.

2. Select the type of task you want to create.

Selecting a task type

3. Fill in the required task fields (steps 4-9). Fill in the required task fields, as shown in the screenshot:

Creating a task

4. Assignee: Each task can be assigned to one person at a time. To involve more than one person to work on a single task, create subtasks for each of the participants, linking the subtasks to the parent task. See Creating subtasks.

5. Task Name: The Task Name field can contain any alphanumeric characters.

6. Priority: Set task priority (low, medium or high).

7. Due Date: Determines when the task needs to be completed. Tasks with a missed due date will be marked red in lists.

8. Status, % Complete: You can create a new task and assign it a status of partially or totally complete.

9. Attach a file to the task by clicking Add Attachment in the List pane.

10. Description: The Description area clarifies the task details and completion criteria to the task assignee. You can apply rich text formatting to your text using font options (bold, italics, underline), bullets and numbering, alignment, font color, and to spell check the text for mistakes.

11. Click Save after filling in the task details. Once the task has been created it will be listed in the assignee’s tasks list.

There are other ways to create a task in Comindware Tracker:

  • by creating a task in Microsoft Outlook. Comindware Tasks for Outlook is required. See Microsoft Outlook tasks.
  • by sending an e-mail message to a particular e-mail address from your e-mail client if Comindware administrator has enabled such functionality. See Creating a task by sending an e-mail.