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How To Create a Recurring Task Or Workflow

A recurring a task is a task which repeats in a defined period of time and needs to be completed multiple times. Recurring tasks help you handle a lot of repeated stuff you do not want to forget about:

  • write a weekly report (every 7 days on Friday)
  • discuss project status (every business day at 12 PM)
  • change water filter in coffee maker (every 30 days)

You can set recurring tasks to particular dates, or regenerate tasks with a specified time in between occurrences.

To create a recurring task:

1. In an open task, click Recurrence.

2. In the Recurrence dialog box, click the frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly) with which the task should recur, and then do one of the following:

  • Make the task recur at set intervals: In the Recurrence pattern section, select the options for the frequency interval that you want. Do not select Regenerate new item or the task will not recur at regular intervals.
  • Make the task recur based on completion date: Select Regenerate new item, and in the box, type the amount of time after which a new task must be generated.

3. Select the Create a new task only after completing the previous task check box if you want to pause creation of recurring tasks or items if the previous recurring task or item has not been completed yet.

4. Select the Copy comments check box to copy all comments to recurring tasks or items being created.

5. Select the Copy attachments check box to copy all comments to recurring tasks or items being created.

6. Click OK.

Setting task recurrence