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Entering Product Keys And Activating The Product

After installation of Comindware Tracker, you need to enter a product key. As soon as you enter your product key, Comindware Tracker will automatically be activated on the Comindware web site. Before activation, make sure an Internet connection is established and you’ve already registered an account on the Comindware web site at

To add a product key and activate Comindware Tracker:

1. Open Administration > License Manager.

2. Click the Add Product Key button.

3. Enter your 64-digit product key. You can enter several product keys at once delimited by the <Enter> key.

4. Click Activate.

Adding product keys

After the keys are added, you might need to refresh the page to update the information by pressing F5.

Product keys are language specific. You will not be able to add a product key for another language if you have already entered a product key.

Manual activation

You can use manual activation if the automatic activation fails or if you don’t have an Internet connection on the server.

To manually activate the product:

1. Open Administration > License Manager

2. Click the Add Product Key button.

3. Click on the Manual Activation link.

4. Retrieve the Installation ID file by clicking Get File. Save the file to your computer (default file name: ActivationRequest.txt).

Manual Activation

5. Open your Comindware account on the Comindware web site at, and upload the Installation ID file.

6. Get the file with your activation code from your Comindware account (default file name: ActivationResponse.txt).

7. Click the Upload button in the Manual Activation window to upload the file containing your activation code.