Data retention policy for Comindware Tracker

All Comindware products are licensed on a subscription basis and therefore you may run into a situation in which your subscription expires before you have a chance to extend it (e.g. when your trial expires before you switch to the paid subscription or if your commercial subscription fails because of an expired credit card it uses, etc.). 

If you are using the on-premise version of one of our products, your Comindware database will stay intact up until you extend your subscription. If you are using the cloud version, we provide a grace period during which your data is kept on our servers, to make sure you don’t lose it while we resolve the subscription holdback.

The grace period for the cloud versions of our products is as follows:

10 days for the trial version
30 days for the paid subscriptions

During that period, we will store your data on our cloud servers. If you use Comindware Tracker, you will be able to log in with your first administrator account and access it in read-only mode. If you extend your subscription during that period (or switch from the trial version to the paid one), you will get full access to the product back. If you do not extend your subscription during the grace period, your database will be deleted (once again, this applies to the cloud version only).

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