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Creating Transitions

All intermediate steps in a workflow must be interconnected with transitions.

To create a transition:

1. In a workspace select a workflow app and open a workflow.

2. Click the Draw Transition button in the Ribbon.

3. Left-click on the source element and hold the mouse button to create a connection starting point.

4. Drag the mouse to the target element and release the mouse button to create a connection.

5. Click on a circle in the middle of the transition and choose a transition name to configure its properties:

  • Common properties, i.e. transition name and type. This step is similar to ""Step properties"".

See Specifying Common Properties

  • Pre-fill some item fields.

See Pre-Populating Item Fields

  • Assign permissions to Comindware users to perform a transition

See Managing Permissions To Perform a Transition

  • Configure custom e-mail settings.

See Custom E-mail Settings

  • Set mandatory fields.

See Mandatory Fields

  • Create validation rules.

See Validation Rules