Creating a Requestor Workspace

To create a Requestor workspace, follow the steps:

  • Specify general settings, such as the page URL, name and description.
  • Add Comindware Tracker workflow applications which Requestors are to create requests in.
  • Configure the field set in the Requestor workspace and field visibility settings.

To create a Requestor workspace:

1. Go to Administration > Requestor Workspace.

2. Click New Page to open the Requestor workspace setup.

3. Specify the page general settings. Select General > Page Information, and enter the page details:



Page title

Enter a custom name of the page to be shown atop the Requestor workspace.

Example: Help Desk Requests


Provide the Requestor workspace description (for example, a hint how to use it). This description is displayed under the page title.

Example: Submit your Request to the Technical Support Team in case of hardware, software installation issues, software reinstall/repair requests.

Internal URL

Specify the page Internal ID. This ID will be added to your Comindware Tracker URL.

Example: supportrequests

Full URL

In this field you can preview the page full URL in the browser address bar. The full URL consists of your Comindware Tracker installation URL and the internal URL.


4. Add workflow applications which requestors are to create tasks in. Go to General > Applications. Select applications by using the Add, Add all, Remove and Remove All buttons.

5. Specify fields visibility in the applications. In Customize view, select an application and make changes if necessary:



Read Only

Requestors will not be able to modify this field.


The field will not be shown to Requestors.


Requestor can change the value of the field.

6. Set the field order in the web form by dragging and dropping fields up and down.

7. When finished, click Save or Save & Close.

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