Created vs. Closed Chart

The Created vs Closed chart shows the dynamics of daily opened and closed items. For example, in a Customer Support department you can configure the widget to see how many claims you receive every day, and how effectively your team resolves them.

The Created vs Closed chart

To create the Created vs. Closed chart:

1. Select a dashboard in the Navigation pane.

2. Click the Add Widget button in the Ribbon.

3. Choose the Created vs. Closed widget type.

4. Select a list that will be used as the data source for your widget.

5. Complete the required fields of the Widget Settings page as shown in the table below:



Widget name

Widget name will be displayed as a title for the widget in the dashboard.

Data source

A list of tasks or items used as a data source for this widget.

Group by a period of time

A time period according to which the values of indicators in a chart will be grouped: by day, week, or month.

Cumulative total

This option presents total items/tasks accumulated within previous time period. If this option is not selected the actual number of opened/closed tasks or items for the defined time period will be displayed.

Display the difference between open and closed tasks on one line

Select this option to see the graph showing the difference between the number of created and closed tasks or items over a period of time.

Display open tasks and closed tasks on two lines

Select this option if you want to show opened tasks or items on one line, and closed tasks or items on another line.

6. When finished, click the Finish button. The widget will be added to your dashboard.

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