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Connecting To Microsoft Exchange Server

Comindware Tracker currently supports the following Microsoft Exchange Server versions:

  • MS Exchange 2007 SP1;
  • MS Exchange 2010;
  • MS Exchange 2010 SP1.

To connect to MS Exchange server:

1. Go to Administration > E-mail Notifications.

2. Select the Enable Outgoing E-mail check box.

3. Choose Microsoft Exchange Server as the e-mail server type.

4. Specify the following MS Exchange server details as specified in the table:



Server type

Choose Microsoft Exchange Server.

MS Exchange version

Choose the version of Microsoft Exchange Server that is currently used on your mail server.

Exchange Web Service URL

Enter the URL to Microsoft Exchange Web Service.

Example: https://servername/ews/exchange.asmx

Domain name

Specify your domain name.


User name

Enter a user name.


Enter a password.

Web Server URL

The URL of your Comindware web server which will be used as a link in body texts of e-mail notifications.


5. Click Test Connection to check the configuration and click Save to save the settings.

Configuring MS Exchange server settings