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Configuring Approval by E-mail

Approval process often includes a number of top-level employees (CEO, CFO, etc.) who may not be active users of the system. In this case, it would be convenient to send such users an e-mail, in which they could both view the details of the request (busines trip notice, invoice, etc.), and make their decision by clicking on a button, without having to enter the system.

In Comindware Tracker it is possible to configure this setting using the system functionality (messages, triggers).

1. Configure Communication channels in the Administration section: incoming and outgoing.

Creating Email Channels

2. Go to the current workflow scheme, and in the settings of the step where approval takes place create Custom Notification.

Adding Custom Notification

  • Select outgoing E-mail channel that you created earlier;
  • Add a condition for sending e-mail, if needed.
  • Select a recipient from the list of internal users (or roles in the process) or enter default E-mail addresses.
  • Enter the sender name.
  • The subject of the message must contain the identifier of the current record in the format [#{id}], so that when the system receives a reply e-mail, it understands to which request the reply refers to. For example: Application [#{id}].
  • In the e-mail body of the message enter the desired message in the code mode, substituting the variables, e-mail channel and text that you need. Example:
Hello!<br /><br />{creator} has submitted a policy approval request number {id}. Please review the details and use the buttons below to approve, reject or request additional information on the request.<br /><br />Request title: {title}<br />Description: {description}<br /><br /><a href=" needed for PO Request: {title} [#{id}] &amp;body=APPROVE%0D%0A&lt;ADD YOUR COMMENT HERE&gt;">APPROVE</a><br /><a href=" needed for PO Request: {title} [#{id}] &amp;body=REJECT%0D%0A&lt;ADD YOUR COMMENT HERE&gt;">REJECT</a><br /><br />Thank you!
  • If necessary, check the box to include task attachments in the notification, or attach the necessary documents yourself.
  • Save the settings.

3. Set up a trigger on receiving e-mail depending on the decision received perform certain transition in the process to move it forward.

An example of a condition for a transition: MATCHES ($$incomingMessage->cmw.message.incoming.bodyLine1, "APPROVE")

4. Test.