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Configuring Account Settings

To start creating tasks or items via e-mail, you should create and configure a new incoming e-mail account.

To create a new inbound e-mail account:

1. Go to Administration > Create Items by E-mail.

2. Click the New Account button in the Ribbon.

3. Fill in the account settings




Select an application the tasks or documents will belong to.

Mail server address

Type the address of the e-mail server, which hosts the pre-registered mailbox.

User name

Type a user name to access the mail server.


Type a password to access the mail server.

E-mail address

Type the mail address of the pre-registered mailbox.

Use encryption

Enter the type of encryption, if required (available to select: None, TLS, SSL).

Port number

Set the port number or leave the default value.

Poll interval (min)

Set the mail server poll interval in minutes or leave the default value (10 minutes). The minimum polling interval is 5 minutes.

Enable account

Select the check box to activate the account.

Having specified all required parameters, click the Test connection button in the ribbon to try to establish connection with the mail server. Click the Save button in the ribbon to save the changes.

Configuring account settings