Comindware Project Manual Activation

If you want to use Comindware Project on your server but you don’t have Internet connection to activate the product online, follow the manual activation procedure. 

Before you get started with the activation, make sure your license keys are registered in your user account at Comindware website. Learn how to do that in this article.
Don’t have an account yet? – Learn how to create one here.

To start the manual activation, open Comindware Project in your browser.  Since the product is not activated yet, you will get the “Add Product Key” window. Paste your license keys into it and click on the “Obtain file” button. The system will generate the “ActivationRequest.txt” file with the license data and your server hardware ID that you’ll need for the further activation steps.

Add Product Key - Obtain File

When you activate Comindware Project (either online or manually), your license keys are tied to your current server hardware ID. Thus you can be sure no one will steal your license key and use it on another machine. Keeping it in mind, don’t forget to contact or support team if you ever decide to upgrade your server hardware or install the software on another machine; we will change your hardware ID so you can use the product again. Find more information about it in this article.

As soon as you get the file, go to the “Product and Subscription” menu in your user account at the Comindware website, switch to the “Manually activate product keys” tab and upload the “ActivationRequest.txt” file here and click “Submit”:

Manually activate product keys

As a result, the “ActivationResponse.txt” will be downloaded to your computer automatically. This file contains activation codes for all your keys. 

Now launch your Comindware Project instance in your browser again. Same “Add Product Key” window will come up. Paste your licenses keys here again, then click on the “Upload” button and browse for the ActivationResponse file you’ve got.

Add Product Key - Upload

This is it. Now just create your administrator profile and you can get down to work.

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