Comindware Cloud Service Subscriptions

Comindware Tracker can be purchased as an on-premise software or as a cloud subscription based service.

To obtain any type of on-premise license or cloud subscription, you need to register an account on the Comindware web site at and receive a product key from your account.

Comindware Tracker can be used as a Cloud subscription-based service. Cloud service provides exactly the same functionality as on-premises Comindware Tracker installation.

Trial Subscription

You can evaluate the full functionality of Comindware Tracker for free during a 30 day trial period. Once your trial period is over, the Comindware Tracker features will be locked, but your data will be kept within 2 weeks. If you do not purchase the Full license or subscription within a trial period or after two weeks after the trial period is over, your data will be deleted.

Full Subscription

Comindware Cloud Service Full Subscription is available for one month and for one year. You can purchase the subscription at:

Upgrading from trial subscription to full license or full subscription

When the trial subscription is over, you can purchase either full subscription and continue using Comindware as a cloud-based service, or purchase the Comindware Tracker Full license for on-premises Comindware Tracker installation. If you choose a cloud-based service, your data created during the trial period will be seamlessly migrated to your full subscription. If you choose the on-premises installation, you will need to contact the Comindware support team to migrate your cloud data to the on-premises installation.

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