Collecting debug information in Google Chrome

If you experience problems with the visual user interface of Comindware Tracker while working in Google Chrome, browser logs can help troubleshoot the issue.

Before capturing any logs, make sure to refresh the page by pressing the CTRL+F5 button combination on your keyboard.

​Some errors may be caused by pages being cached improperly on your computer. This sort of problems is easily solved by clearing the browser cache and refreshing the page.

If the problem still occurs after you refresh the page, open Developer Tools through the Tools menu in Google Chrome or simply by pressing F12 on your keyboard:

Developer tools

Once there, go to the “Console” tab, copy everything you see in it and save into a blank text file:


Keep the developer tool running, switch to the Comindware Tracker page again, refresh the page and reproduce the error one more time. After that go to the Developer Tools again, open the “Network” tab and copy its output to another text file:


Now you can send both files to your Comindware technical support specialist for further analysis. And don’t forget to accompany them with a clear description of your steps which led to having this problem.

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