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Cloning a Task or Document

If you have to create and manage many tasks or documents of the same type, for example, payments, you may reuse your existing tasks and documents by cloning and slightly modifying them after they are cloned. You can create one or more exact copies of a payment, changing only required data.

A cloned task or document is a separate entity from the original one. Operations on the original task/document have no effect on the clone and vice versa. A cloned task or document is an exact copy of the original one, containing the same information stored in the original task/document with the following exceptions:

  • a new ID is generated for a clone
  • the ’Title’ field of a cloned task or document is prefixed with the string ’Copy of’ to indicate that the element is a clone
  • a cloned workflow task starts from the initial point of a workflow – from the Start step, therefore appropriate values will be assigned to the Step and Status fields.

Cloning is enabled for a user, only if they have access for creating tasks or documents in the current application.

To clone a task or document:

1. Open the task or document you want to clone.

2. Click the Clone button in the Ribbon.

3. Modify a created clone if necessary. For example, replace the ‘Copy of‘ prefix in the title with a more sensible one.

4. Click the Save button in the Ribbon.