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Check if a field is empty

You can check if a field is empty and perform the required actions depending on a returned value. For example, you may want to mark requests, software bugs, or issues that were rejected and group them to the list. For this purpose use both IF and EMPTY functions.

To add the rule:

1. Select a workspace, select an application.

2. Click Fields and create the Rejected Date (ID: RejectedDate) field of the Date/Time type. Click Form and drag the created field into the form.

3. Click Workflow, go to the Rejected step and then click Pre-populate Fields. Set the following rule for the Rejected Date field:


This rule will be applied on enter the Rejected step thus creating a time stamp on entering the step.

4. Create the Was Rejected field of the List of Values type. Populate the list with the following values:


Identifier (created automatically)





Go to Form. Drag the created field to the workflow task form.

5. Return to Workflow. Click the End step. Set the following rule for the Was Rejected field:

 IF(EMPTY($RejectedDate), WasRejected.values.No, WasRejected.values.Yes)

This rule assigns the ‘Yes’ value to the Was Rejected field, if the Rejected Date field isn’t empty, and assigns ‘No’ otherwise.

Afterwards you can create the list of workflow tasks marked as rejected.