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Backup process and policy for Comindware Project

To protect your data from hardware failure, viruses or accidental deletion it’s very important to make backups. Comindware Project offers such an important feature and allows you to make backups anytime you need it. Thus you can be sure all your projects, users, tasks, progress on tasks, comments, and attached files will be safe. In Comindware Project, the backup procedure is different for cloud and on-premise accounts.

Backups are available for commercial accounts only. If you are using a trial version, please contact your manager to upgrade the system to the commercial one.


Backing up cloud accounts

If you use Comindware Project in the cloud, you can manage the backups right from your user account at

Note : if you don’t remember your credentials, use your email (the one your Comindware Project instance is registered to) as login name and follow the «Forgot password?» procedure.

Once you are in, go to the «Instances», select the cloud instance and double-click on it. Here in the «Backups» area you can see your backup history for the last 7 days.

Backup management

Don’t be surprised if you see a whole list of backups already created for your product instance. All cloud accounts are automatically backed up once a day. So, you can always restore your data even if you forgot to make a backup yourself.

In addition to that, you can make backups manually, for example before making some major changes in your account. Just click on the «Create backup» button, fill in «Backup description» field and click «Create backup» again. 

To restore the backup, select it in the table (first column) and click on the «Restore backup» button and wait a minute. Just keep in mind that all your tasks progress will be bounced back to the backed up stage as well. Update the page or click on the «Update backup list» button to refresh the list of backups.


Backing up on-premise accounts

For on-premise accounts you can make backups manually by copying the product database. Easy as that, though it’s still recommended to temporary stop the operation of the product before you do that to maintain consistency of the database.

If Comindware Project is installed as IIS on your machine, go to the IIS Manager and stop the product at the «Manage Web Site» area:

IIS settings

If Comindware Project is installed as a Windows Service, go to the Task Manager > Services and stop the service from there:

Windows Task Manager

After that go to the directory where the product database is installed to and simply copy the whole folder «ProjectDatabase». It’s recommended to save the copy to another hard drive for more security. Now you can restart the IIS/Service.

Database location

To restore a backup for your on-premise account, do all the same thing: stop IIS/Service again and replace the current database with its backed up copy.