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Adding And Configuring Widgets

Information about your tasks and documents is displayed on the dashboard through the use of widgets. You can add a widget to the dashboard and configure it to display the details you need. A widget can be added to the dashboard as many times as you need.

Each widget is tied to the selected list. All widgets have a number of display options such as data grouping, filtering and data presentation.

Available widgets

The following widget types can be added to a dashboard. The number of widgets is unlimited.

Widget name


My active tasks by status

A default widget; shows how many tasks you have in each status in the form of a Pie chart.

Pie chart

A pie chart displays value data as a percentage of a total. Consider using a pie chart after the data has been aggregated to seven data points or less.

Column chart

A column chart displays a series as a set of vertical bars grouped by category. Column charts are useful for illustrating comparisons between items.

Created Vs. Closed

A chart showing the tasks or items created vs. closed over a given period of time.

Bar chart

A bar chart displays data horizontally. It is popular for categorical information, because the categories can be displayed horizontally.

History Events chart

Shows the different types of history events in the form of a Column chart.

Adding a widget in a dashboard

You can add any type of a widget in the dashboard.

To add a widget:

1. In the Navigation pane of the My Desktop area, select a dashboard where you want to add a widget.

2. Click the Add Widget button in the Ribbon menu.

3. Select the widget type.

4. Select the list which will be used as a source for widget data.

5. Configure other widget settings.

6. Click Save. Your widget will be added to the dashboard.